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Clickbank Affiliate Program

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Want to make easy money without getting out of your bed? Seems like a dream, right? Want to hear the good news? It is possible now.


Clickbank is the direct pathway to your dreams that makes you money even when you are sleeping!


Being the oldest affiliate marketplace, it offers you to make money using the affiliate program, offering the highest commissions in the market. SO why choose any other?


Clickbank works differently from conventional affiliate marketplaces, making it different from other markets. Unlike others, it offers affiliation with digital products, mostly with a few physical products.


Is there anything to help you in using Clickbank’s affiliate program?


CBProAds is a growing platform that helps entrepreneurs make money more efficiently on Clickbank with the help of its digital tools.


If you are thinking of making money by joining the Clickbank affiliate program, you must need every bit of information, which is why we are here.


Let’s get to business!

How To Determine Clickbank Is Not Scam?

Because mostly, platforms claiming an easy way of making money are considered fake and scams. That is why there is no doubt that you have concerns about Clickbank too. Facts and figures are the initial things that help to determine whether a particular platform is authentic or not.


Want to know some facts and figures about Clickbank?


  • A total number of 100,000 individuals are connected with Clickbank as affiliate marketers. This count consists of bloggers, influencers, YouTubers, and many others.
  • Clickbank is used in over 200 countries, making it a worldwide affiliate platform.
  • Its total commission rank is almost $4 billion.
  • A place for vendors too lists almost 4000 products on Clickbank, including digital and physical products.


So, what do you think now? Such a huge count uptill now and how this platform is standing in the market with a name determines that Clickbank is not a scam but a real money-making platform for people like us who want to make a career in affiliate marketing.


How CBProAds Help?

Clickbank is one of the largest platforms helping people become pros of affiliate marketing. Clickbank gives an almost 50-75% of the profit on its every sale; that is undoubtedly an amazing count. While if you affiliate yourself with other more common affiliate platforms, the chances of commissions are pretty low. Like Amazon offers only 4%, CJ offers 12%, and eBay offers only 5%.


Apart from all these benefits, you might not like that Clickbank does not provide multiple tools or platforms to promote products for an individual attached to the Clickbank’s affiliate program.


But you don’t need to worry because CBProAds is here to help!


CBProAds helps by giving you a large count of tools, helping you promote Clickbank products more easily and efficiently. The best thing about CBProAds is that you will not find any other similar platform in the market acting as a third-party helping platform for Clickbank.


So if you want to boost your earnings with less effort, sign up to CBProAds and become a pro-Clickbank seller.

How ToJoinCBProAds?

Signing for CBProAds is not difficult; you can easily sign up from the official affiliate site. All you need is to put some information regarding your full name, country, email, and Clickbank ID.


You already have to be an approved member of Clickbank with an ID if you think of using CBProAds tools for your good. Initially, you can join for free with access to limited features and tools, which might be helpful to know the worth of CBProAds. Once you are satisfied with the performance of CBProAds, you should move towards the premium subscription, which is paid.


Is CBProAds Free?

Yes, you can enjoy free tools, but a premium subscription is also available with more benefits.

With a free version, you will get:

  • Clickbank ID embedded on Main Storefront WordPress Plugins
  • Clickbank ID embedded on Banner Ads, Scroll Ads, Contextual Ads, Image Ads, Slideshow Ads, and Widget Ads.


With a premium version, you will get additional features:

  • Affiliate/ Main Niche Store Fronts
  • Automatically enroll for CBProAds affiliate program
  • Turn off adds completely
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

It will be a one-time purchase with no additional or hidden charges; the upcoming updates will not charge extra charges. You can access all the CBProAds tools by subscribing to the premium version.

How To Get Paid?

When you join any affiliate marketing platform, they have a payment schedule after every 30 days, which sometimes feels frustrating. While using Clickbank, you will have an additional benefit of weekly payments without any delay. This helps you to stay motivated by the increasing count of your bank.


In the beginning, you may feel like Clickbank isn’t paying you weekly, though they will be. The issue arises from the bank when your payments take time to be transferred from Clickbank to your bank accounts.


The method of payment depends on your choice. If you like, you can have direct payments as deposits, or else you can have payment checks which you can get cashed from the bank or submit directly in your bank account.


Some international Clickbank affiliates desire to have paid through Payoneer, wire transfer, and other payment methods, but Clickbank does not support them. This might not be very pleasant for some, but the affiliate platform claims that most of their affiliates are satisfied with the already present two payment methods.


You can have payments on minimum commissions of  $10 to make it easier.

Is Using CBProAds Beneficial?

You may be wondering, are there any benefits about this platform that helps you make better commissions on Clickbank? You don’t need to be worried. Here we have sorted some amazing pros and a few cons to help you make a better decision about this platform.


  • You will find it get automatic updates for Clickbank every day.
  • You can have quick and frequent payments without a long wait.
  • The best part is you can make affiliate links much more easily.
  •  No approval is required; you can straight away get your links and start promoting.
  • Get higher profits that are not offered by other affiliate platforms.
  • Helping to use Clickbank in a better way since 2006, with 48,000 members.
  • Provide you with advanced and multiple tools for Clickbank.
  • A free subscription is available for individuals who do not want to pay; a premium subscription with additional features and tools is also available.
  • Automatically remove junk products from Clickbank, saving your time.
  • Provide you with the images of Clickbank products.


  • You will find multiple other platforms in the market that provide even better options with a surety of no bad products.
  • You can use Clickbank directly without taking the help of CBProAds.

Ready To Make Money?

Clickbank gives you an opportunity of making as much money as you want by promoting multiple digital and a few physical products, and CBProAds will aid you in doing so. The only drawback you might have to go with is that Clickbank openly welcomes every seller to sell their products on Clickbank, which sometimes creates a fuss because not all the sellers have real and valuable products. 


But there is a way to deal with this too; you can have a full check before promoting a product to have good commissions and more sales. Promoting a worthless product will not only waste your time; instead, it will also not be as valuable as it can for you.


So money seekers! What are you waiting for? Sign in to the Clickbanks affiliate program and get going for an awesome future using the CBProAds that helps you make better sales.

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