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Published by: Curtis Futch on 01-Feb-20
Profits are Better than Wages!

Hey Curt Here :)

People must realize you can't eat
cookies if there aren't any cookies in the cookie jar. Suze Orman

The Battle is in Your Mind ... In order for things to Change WE have to change.

The Magic of Part Time a extra $1000 a month

Get a Mentor and take ACTION

Commit to your business 10 to 15 Hrs a week until you turn a profit.
and the you can say below

I working full time on my job and part time on my fortune
I found a way not only to make a living but I found a way
to make a fortune because Profits lead to fortunes.
Do you know how exciting it is to get up and go to work
on my fortune not to just pay the rent ... which is ok.

What would it mean to have a extra 1000 a month
in your bank acct every month part time.

- New car
- Vacation
- new clothes ... a extra $1000 a month part time

Wages will make you a living but profits will make you a Fortune.
because Profits lead to fortune. Get excited about this philosophy.

You can't get rich without a challenge ... just like you can't fly without gravity.

Learn this the law of averages ... Your off and running

A baseball player bats 300 which means he's out 7 out of 10 times at the plate
they pay him 4 million dollars a year ... can you handle that.
You don't have to bat a 1000 to make big money online
you just have to get in the game and never quit.

You can do the most remarkable things no matter what ...   
when you apply yourself ... Take your LIFE Back.

Teamwork Makes the Dream work ... Here's to Your Success
Curtis Futch

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